new brand, website and marketing for DTS

The challenge set to smokeylemon from DTS was to give the company brand continuity after years of logo and name changes. The market knew them by several old brand names and there was a disparity in look and tone. DTS looked to stand alone with a defined product and service range and a definitive name, rebranding itself back to DTS, after being a part of the Tru-Test brand.

Brand Workshop

We started by going through a branding and marketing exercise in collaboration with the DTS executive and sales team to find out what set DTS apart.

Once we had that figured out, we moved on to design, branding and rebranding the many assets DTS use every day, such as their website, folders, business cards, brochures and more.

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DTS needed a strong bold logo to go with its new brand. Going for notions of established, secure, and trustworthy we settled on the shield shape with a bold type face so the logo would stand out when its both big and small and the company name was clear. We chose the shades of green to set the brand aside from its competitors (a lot of blue is used in the farming industry) as well as its connection to the land.

We also had the graphic of the hills to support this but designed in an abstract sense as we knew that DTS were looking to expand outside of the rural sector in time.

The tagline acts as an announcement of intent “Growth Through Innovation”. This speaks to the outcomes of the client and the intention of the company.

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DTS has a wide range of products and information for its clients to access. The website needed to be quick to navigate and the content easy to digest.

This was also a good opportunity to make a modern and attractive website using the new brand guidelines we had developed.

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Branded Assets

The biggest part of this project with DTS was rebranding all the various print and digital assets that DTS use every day.

This meant going through and finding all the brochures, business cards, folders, emails signatures, and many more, and bringing them into line with the new design.

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