Digital Marketing Glossary for Beginners

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Written by Smokeylemon Team

2 October 2019 | Less than a minute to read

Does the digital marketing world seem like a second language to you? Our free digital marketing glossary will be your new best friend!

As a marketing agency, an important part of any digital campaign we run is taking the time to analyse data and run monthly reports so our clients understand how the campaign is doing, which ads are most successful, and how the website traffic is behaving.

Although our clients get annotations in plain English explaining what all those indicators and graphics mean, there are still some terms that might sound technical or complicated, but believe us: they are not!

Whether you are an existing Smokeylemon client trying to learn more about digital marketing terminology or a business owner who manages their own digital marketing campaigns, this glossary will help you get started.

Get our glossary of Digital Marketing Terms

Get our glossary of Digital Marketing Terms


Want to speak the language of digital marketing like a pro? Download your free glossary.